HOT APPLE PIE - Charlotte Candle Company


Welcome home.

The nostalgic fragrance of our Hot Apple Pie candle is simple, warm and just makes you feel like home. The aroma of a straight-out-of the oven piping hot apple pie has notes of cinnamon, clove, peach and almond which enhance the juicy, fresh baked apple scent. You can even find traces of vanilla and caramel in this fall classic. 

This welcoming scent is best burned in kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, and anywhere else you’d want the spiced, gourmand flavors of an apple pie. 

NOTES: Cinnamon, Clove, Apple, Almond, Peach, Vanilla and Caramel.

TRAVEL TIN: Our 4 oz. travel-friendly tins are perfect for small spaces. They are also perfect to stow away in a makeup or overnight bag. Burns for 15-20 hours.  

GLASS JAR: Our straight glass and mason jars feature 8 oz. of luxurious soy wax for a long-lasting, clean burn of more than 40 hours.

TUMBLER: Our clear or white painted tumbler jars feature 10.5 oz. of luxurious soy wax for a long-lasting, clean burn of more than 50 hours.

REED DIFFUSER: All-natural rattan diffuser reeds, diffuser oils and bases that contain only eco-friendly ingredients. The diffuser reeds soak up the fragrance oil and disperse the scent into the air. They last 3-5 months. Comes with 10 reeds in an 8oz. glass bottle.